April Sponsor Deals

Hello Spring Lovers! it's time to offer some more fantastic deals here at ftlob. Happy Spring.
For the entire month of April, we will be offering package deals. To start, the first one is going to be a Large Ad 212X100 for the first month, a Small Ad 105X105 for the second month for $20. This will include an individual post and several tweets. Rotation will take place throughout the month more than 1-2 times.

Small Ad Deal- Buy one @ $15 get 2 FREE. Includes several tweets and rotations. Buttons need to be replaced each month.

Small Ad Deal- $30 for 12 Months. Ads needs to be updated often to keep things fresh. Includes several tweets. Rotated often.

EX Large Ad 212X180 $18 Limited Availability includes several tweets, 1 sponsor only.

For more information, questions or details, email bloglove (at) aol (dot) com

if you need a button made with code email ashleyplus3 (at) yahoo (dot) com or scenicglory (at) gmail (dot) com

if you are interested in a promotional post with or without a purchased ad, $5- includes several tweets, links and photos. email ashleyplus3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

don't forget to get your sponsor me posts in

have a good day! xo


posidanielle said…
such great deals loves!
Aleasha said…
NEW follower hope you FOLLOW BACK ps how did u get this cute lil comment BOX

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