The Look Book- a new FTLOB feature

hi friends! we definitely love seeing your daily looks and photos of the day. it's a lovely feature and we are going to continue sharing each and every one of you through these features. we thought of an even better idea to showcase these fabulous outfits you share and will be coming up with a separate one for photo of the day!

the look book is a weekly link party featuring some of your most favorite fashion pieces. you can submit as many posts as you wish during this party.

linking past posts is fine; each link should be directly to the post- it must also be related to fashion otherwise it will be deleted. we are looking for your daily looks throughout the week to share your style and to get inspired. remember we said you can link as many posts as you wish-just be sure it's to the post itself.

each week you should link different looks. we don't want to see something we saw last week, so although we said you can link to as many posts, save some for future parties. we cannot wait to see each look.
get your friends involved and share the new feature by grabbing a button-


Since Love Letters is only a Feb. feature, we will host this on Mondays. A Random Photo will be chosen for the week to display under our book just like the daily look has been. We will link to your sites for the week and then place a link under or above to link to The Look Book posts.

So who's ready to get those outfits out there?

a special thanks to lindsay for coming up with the name;-)

enjoy your weekend friends and stay tuned for a very lovely feature!


victoria hughes said…
ahh! too excited for this! :)
peace. love. create.
Jenna said…
Cute idea!... maybe it will force me to start dressing cuter during the week :)

I am a little confused as to how this blog works, is there an "about section?"
Amanda said…
New follower- I am excited about the homemade swap!
melody-mae said…
what a FUN idea to get inspired too!
Gertrude said…
Love this idea :) x

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