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Are you all ready for another feature. I know we are. We love y'all. One of the greatest things we can give to one another is support and love and I'm super proud that we've done that here. If your new here, please jump right in. Link up, visit some friends and browse around. We have so many exciting things going on.

Grab a Glass friends, ........
Hello there, bloggy friends! This is Branson over at Reflection of Something, and I am so excited to share my blog with you. I am a wife of 9 1/2 years, and became a mother 7 months ago. It has been the most amazing experience, as well as a huge change after being just the two of us for so long! My two youngest sisters also had babies within 2 months of me, and so that has been an amazing adventure! We all live in the same town, and get together for playdates whenever possible. I come from a huge family, with 7 brothers and sisters and 17 nieces and nephews on my side! My husband has 4 brothers, and we have a newborn niece on that side too.

I am a midwestern girl, with a love for small town life. I love being able to get perspectives from people totally different from me here in the blogosphere! I have been blogging off and on for many years, but only really started consistently keeping this blog up when I became a stay-at-home mom. I love reading other mommy blogs, and refer to them as my "coworkers" to my husband sometimes. I learn so much from their experiences, and they help me feel not so isolated when the baby keeps me home all day. I don't just enjoy mommy blogs, though! I love to read all sorts of blogs, and get ideas for recipes, crafts, or just a good laugh.

I also love to share much more about myself than just my mommy side. I enjoy posting recipes, photos, memories and random facts... I also have some more serious moments when I talk about my faith, and my struggle with depression. I try not to get all serious toooo often, but one of my biggest goals this year was to be open and honest on my blog, so you never know what you are going to get! One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that I enjoy being inspired by the open and honest blogs of others. I hope I can inspire my readers in the same way!

I love For the Love of Blogs, because they have helped me find some amazing blogs to follow, and I look forward to getting to know even more of you over time. I am also doing a project 365 blog this year, trying to get my camera skills back in shape! I used to love photoblogging, and am enjoying making new photo friends and finding inspiration. My photography blog is found here and I have found a lot of other great 365ers to link up with, too!

Thanks for taking the time to let me introduce myself, and hope you will stop by Reflection of Something and say Hi!

We enjoy each of our features here at ftlob. Now head over to show some love! xoxo
Have a nice evening friends.


Aw! Cute little ones!!! Congrats on the feature Branson!!
Ashley said…
Great feature! You know I love photos, I'll be heading over to check her out! xo
Slidecutter said…
Thanks for sharing the inspiration and your beautiful baby; what squeezable, yummy cheeks!

Like you, I write about various subjects, sometimes just to step away from the foundation of my own blog. I think I speak for many when I say that our collective doors are always open; come, visit and we will do the same, hopefully giving back some inspiration and a few giggles. FTLOB is a wonderful place to be!

Congrats on being a Featured Blog!!
Short Leg Lucy said…
ahhh photos are so precious! What a cute little guy!!!
Erinsgobragh said…
What great pics! Look at that face!
Anonymous said…
I'm a new follower from the Give It To Me Monday Blog Hop. If you get a minute please stop by and follow me back.

Have a great week,
b. lee said…
congrats on being a new mama! so exciting to do it along side ur sistas :D headin' over to check out ur corner ~ ~
The Hockey Wife said…
Once you have children, you will never have that time you and your husband were able to share exclusively for so long. So sit back and enjoy the craziness of marriage with children!

One more question...what type of camera do you use. I am looking to upgrade, and am torn between canon and nikon!!

Branson said…
Thanks so much everyone! Cant wait til I get back from my little bloggy vaca to thank each of you individualy!

I use a nikon d3000... The entry level dslr amd thr kit lens that came with it only. I absolutely suggest choosing nikon every chance I get ;)

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