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For The Love of Blogs Introduces:

Before I started the blog I was on the verge of putting up the *pen* and sitting aside the keyboard, because writing simply was not working out the way I had written it. I lost confidence in myself and my ability to craft a story, stories come and go like the sun and the moon so creating something with substance that would have complete strangers coming back day after day seemed far fetched. 
A friend of my wife's became a friend of mine via Facebook, where I generally toss out atypical like banter that he immediately noticed as different and encouraged me to write a blog in the same theme. But then I saw the millions of blogs already flooding the Internet and figured I would be wasting my time; however, I took a few minutes to throw something together and my first atypical post was born, which you can revisit or check out for the first time  
The intent was to be as raw and real as possible and open myself up to the world, which people claim to do but I have found with those I have seen tend to hold back, when they should be going for the throat, so to speak. Anyway, the response was overwhelming, hitting 2000 views in a couple of months lit the creative flame once more and now it burns brighter than any star in the evening sky. 
I am working on a novel, continuing to bring amazing atypical reads daily, and honing my craft for all that it is. There are blogs, and then there are windows some can crack enough that what was once a peeping tom is now a cyber stalking lover of the words the author vents. Moments people can relate to and never knew how to express. Those are the blogs I follow and the blog I strive to write for all. 
A special thanks to Atypical Read. Please be sure to stop by, read and make a new friend today.
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AubrieAnne said...

Awesome. I have already checked this blog out and have decided to follow. I love it that blogging has been able to help me find more novel writers. :)

AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

Atypical Scott said...

Thanks for following AubrieAnne and good luck to you in seeking out your dreams and aspirations.


Hey scott, Im having a cup of coffee now as I expect more wonderful writers ahead. I am thankful I found For the Love of Blogs. This community is awesome. Don't worry, as a fellow blogger, I will be generous enough to leave a comment in every blog that I will read and to follow them as well...

Atypical Scott said...

I look forward to your thinking and insight, Chrissy.

djpr said...

Definitely following this one. Completely different than anything I've stumbled across so far and in a good way! I'm way too sleepy tonight to comment, this blog is going to have to be a morning read for me when I'm actually coherent! I read a lot and can't wait to read more and have enough wit to leave a well thought out comment!

Alex said...

Loved this post. It was very different from anything else I've read so far. Good pick!

AJ said...

I don't claim to be a writer but love a good read, so off to check out Atypical Read.

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