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15 December 2011

a Cheery ♥ Weekend Wander

Hello gorgeous faces. With the busy Holidays and the many link parties we have going on, we're going to put this hop up from now until late Sunday. We want to see more than what we've had on our hops. This means spread the word, get those friends involved and everyone mingle with old and new friends. Show us your pretty decor for the Holidays and share the love of your family posts here. You can link to more than one post. We have a ton of members that hesitate to link, but we want you to feel comfortable in linking, sharing your blogs! Link up and make yourselves at home! Kick those cozy slippers up, set that laptop on your legs, sip that hot cocoa and give a little light this season.

Our Co-Host this weekend is Melanie from
she's our number one spot, go follow her journey and link up, mingle, meet new faces! enjoy the long weekend and be cheerful


09 December 2011

Happy Weekend

Our Apologies about the last hop---here's a new one! Link up and enjoy the weekend!

Weekend Wander

Ok all, let's get this weekend hoppin!

I hope you all have had an amazing week, and are ready to get your weekend started.  Be sure once you've linked up, you find some more rad blogs to stalk, and stick around here for all we have to offer.

Be sure to add your Holiday fun here
Enter to win this or this
and Join us here

We have so much to see and do, don't miss out! This hop will be up all weekend!  Have a Fabulous weekend!  xoxo

25 November 2011

Weekend Wander-Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! We hope you know we are Thankful for each and everyone one of you! We also hope that you have a day filled with love, laughter, friends and family. Spend today, and this weekend enjoying yourself and the things you are most Thankful for.  This hop will be up all weekend long, so when you have time, spend it finding new bloggy friends and checking out all the awesome stuff this community has to offer!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, love BJ and Vic

28 October 2011

Weekend Wander-Halloween Edition

Good Day Goolish friends!  Hope you all are ready for a spooktacular weekend!  Before all the ghosts and goblins come out this weekend or you leave your crypt.  Be sure to check out all the treats we have here to offer.  Try out this weeks Halloween Prompt or find a hair raising craft, or maybe you'd like to add a fangtastic photo.  Be sure to do a lot of Wandering before you leave, and have a Marvelous Weekend! Feel free to link several different posts relating to Halloween only! Thanks. Oh...what is everyone being for Halloween or what are your kids being!?


21 October 2011

Let's Wander

The weekend is finally here! The perfect chance to wrap up in your favorite blanket, prop those tired feet up, and get your weekend wander on. There is definitely something for you all to do here, join a group, add yourself to the directory, find a new blog or two to stalk, or just catch up on all there was to offer here this week.  We love having you spend your time with us!  Have a great weekend!

PS: Stay tuned for More Tutorials, Tips and Some Sneak Peeks of our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Gifts. Enjoy.


08 October 2011

Weekend Wander

Wow! I loved feature week friends! You all have amazing blogs and if you missed it please check them out and get your feature in for the upcoming weeks. For those that have yet to be featured, you will be this coming week. We're hoping to do a much different kind of feature for the next feature weeks, so stay tuned. In the meantime, let's catch up with a relaxing weekend wander and enjoy some more new friends. xoxo

23 September 2011

Weekend Wander

Good Day beautiful friends!!!! The weekend is here, time to kick up your tired feet, get comfy and do some wandering. It's always a nice day here at FTLOB with all the beautiful bloggers we have. Please stay a while and not only check them out, but also some of the great things we have going on here. Maybe join a group or add yourself to meet other bloggers. Whatever you do, have a Wonderful Weekend and get C-O-Z-Y!



16 September 2011

Weekend Wander

Isn't it wonderful that it's the weekend?  Time to prop up your feet, sit back, relax and enjoy some wandering on this beautiful blog.
There are so many things to do and see here.  Are you new to blogging or need some tips/ideas?   Check out the e-course or nominate a blog. Most importantly, have an amazing weekend!


09 September 2011

Weekend Wander

Welcome friends, it's the weekend!  It's time to prop those feet up, sit back and relax!  It's the perfect time to meet some new friends or check in with some of your bloggy besties.
Please don't link and run! 

If you are new to blogging, you should really check out the bloggers e-course, it is a great way to learn all the tips and tricks, even if you're not new, you might like to check it out!


02 September 2011

Weekend Wander (Oh Yeah, it's back!)

Hey Friends! Welcome to the Weekend Wander. It's all about relaxing and mingling! Take the entire weekend to visit friends, make new ones! This weekend the wandering will run until Sunday eve! So link up and visit those pretty little blogs of ours.
{Click Pic to go to Source}
Labor day weekend is here, which means a 3 day weekend for most of you hard working folks, picnics with family and friends, college football and hopefully rest and relaxation!

If you're down with some R&R, this is the hop for you! It's all about propping up your feet, sitting back and wandering through all the beautiful blogs we have here.  Please don't link and run, come back and join the fun!
Before you go, check out all the awesomeness For the Love of Blogs has to offer!  Join a group or two! Add one of your Bea-u-ti-ful pictures to this fun linky, or check out an e-course.

Be sure to grab a sponsor spot for September{4 Small Ads Avail}, everyone loves stalking new sponsors! Happy Weekend;D



30 April 2011

Weekend Wander

The Voting Has Been re-Started----Please Vote for Us;-) xo

Let's all do our happy dance for Saturday!
It is a wonderful day to find a comfy place to sit, grab something delicious to drink and do some wandering.
If you are out and about this weekend, take some pictures of your awesomeness and add your looks to
We love to see what you're stylin!

Whatever you do


16 April 2011

Weekend Wander

Good Saturday morning beautiful people!  I am so glad that the week is over and it is finally the weekend!  How about you?  I hope the week has treated you well and are ready to sit back, kick up your feet and have your favorite cup o' joe and do a little wandering.

While you're here check out some of our awesome link ups, add yourself, or see what you can find.

Sport one of our adorable buttons, you can grab them from the left side bar.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Wandering!


09 April 2011

Weekend Wander

I don't know about you all, but I am so excited that it is the weekend!  We are expected to have BEA-U-TIFUL weather all weekend, which definitely brightens my day, hopefully yours too!
It will be a perfect time to grab your favorite beverage whether it be a cup of coffee, Dr. Pepper, OJ, milk , or whatever makes you happy,  kick up your feet, and make some beautiful new friends.  The weekend wander is a great hop to do so.

Check out this months Sponsor specials.  It's a fabulous way to get your cute little button on our side bar to be noticed.

Have you ever wondered if there were other bloggers near you?  Meet some cool new friends or add yourself to the list.

What ever you do, have an amazing day wandering here or outside!  xoxo


02 April 2011

Weekend Wander

It's the WEEKEND!!!!!  Finally we can chill!  This is definitely the hop to do just that.  Link up your WONDERFUL blog, grab your favorite beverage, kick back and get to wandering.

Find some new blogs to lose yourself in.  Enjoy the community, groups, link parties, and the wonderful new feature The Holiday Craft Extravaganza.  Find some crafts or recipes for Easter/Passover or create something that you can link up.

We are so glad you joined us, and hope you have an AMAZING weekend!  Enjoy it and don't let it slip away!

Happy Wandering!


26 March 2011

Weekend Wander

hey beautiful friends. it's the weekend, time to wander. does anyone have anything exciting going on? we will be announcing the winner of the we heart shops giveaway and getting some more features out shortly. we hope you take this time to relax, link up and enjoy some catching up with your good ol' bloggy buds.

if you have yet to link to a hop here at ftlob, what are you waiting for? we have a blast. can i be totally honest......this is the best place to meet people. you guys make blogging worthwhile.

there are so many things going on. if you are new, welcome---->grab a cup and head to the left sidebar for a list of things we do here. the link parties are to the right and everything else is everywhere else;-) happy wandering friends.


I just had to come back and edit's 12:30AM and i'm reading through everyones comments from yesterday.....U GUYS R THE BOMB DIGGITY. u make me laugh! THANK you.....MUAH....Vic♥

19 March 2011

Weekend Wander

It is finally Saturday!  Time to kick off the shoes, put on the comfy clothes, sit back and relax.  Take some time for yourself, catch up with your favorite bloggy friends, and make some new ones.

Browse the blog while you're here, there is plenty to see and do.  Join a group or the community or any of our wonderfully fun link ups.  If you're a shopper, head over and check out our magazine we heart shops  where tons of beautiful stuff  gets added daily. Who doesn't love window shopping?

Have a beautiful weekend! xo


12 March 2011

Weekend Wander

Good Morning and Happy Weekend Beautiful friends!

This is a hop where you can pour your favorite cup o' joe, sit back, relax, catch up with each other and make new friends.  Glad you came by to share your blogs and meet others.

Check out our community and add yourself if you are new.  While you're here, link up your Etsy, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin' and Current Giveaways.  Check out the groups, there is one for everyone.  RELAX and stay while!

Happy Saturday and Have a Beautiful Weekend!


04 March 2011

Weekend Wander

Hello friends! Happy Weekend! Don't forget our TWITTER PARTY today at 12pm est. We'll be hanging out for a while-come tweet with us!

This is the hop where we relax, catch up with each other and make even more friends. Thanks for being here and sharing your blogs, make yourselves right at home! There's a ton of stuff going on and more blogs get added to the pages above all day long----->Go meet some Great Friends.


26 February 2011

Weekend Wander

Welcome! to the weekend wander where we relax and visit some awesome blogs. Link up and share whatever you have going on this weekend. Take a moment to browse. We have some fresh new blogs added to the community. You must search up and down! Be sure to add yourself to a category and link to our twitter, facebook, etsy, bloglovin', giveaways, and other party link ups! Also, don't forget the groups. We've cleaned the comments out-please feel free to jump right in.

You all are simply AAAAAHHHHH-MAZING! Have a super blessed weekend! xo